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Key Information

Type Short
Leverage 3x
Underlying WTI Futures x3 Short Leveraged Index
Currency GBP
Listing Date 08/05/2017
Underlying Currency USD
Air Bag Level * 45.00%
Legal Form Note
Issuer --
Guarantor --
Counterparty Risk Mitigated through collateral
Collateral Level 100.00%
Collateral Custodian Bank of New York Mellon (Luxembourg) S.A.
UK Reporting Status Yes

Cost & Fees

Gap Premium 1.50% per annum
Commission 0.00% per annum
Collateral Cost 0% per annum
Intended Eligibility SIPP, ISA
Intended Tax treatment CGT

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In accordance with the Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, it is not possible to show the past performance for a product that has been available for less than 12 months since its launch. Past Performance is not a reliable indication of future performance. Please refer to the London Stock Exchange website


Please refer to the Final Terms / Prospectus / Term Sheet in the ‘Materials’ section above for a full description of the specific product terms.

Indicative information only. This past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and is not taking into account potential brokerage fees. It has to be considered as a Gross Performance. These results are not based on and do not refer to simulated past performance, and are based on reasonable assumptions.


*for commodity and equity products, this figure equates to the % change in underlying asset multiplied by the leverage of the product, and for FX products this figure equates to the % change in the underlying asset (which already has leverage embedded)