Tax Treatment

Based on Societe Generale’s current understanding of the law here is a summary of the tax treatment of the Exchange Traded Products range. Please be aware that tax treatment may change over time. If investors have any doubts, seek advice of a tax adviser. Societe Generale should not be relied upon for full accuracy of the following statements.

Product SIPP   ISA   CGT** Stamp duty

Short and Leveraged ETPs    




*Depending on the wrapper used

**Based on return at maturity

Any statement in relation to tax, where made, is generic and non-exhaustive and is based on our understanding of the laws and practice in force as of the date of this document and is subject to any changes in law and practice and the interpretation and application thereof, which changes could be made with retroactive effect. Any such statement must not be construed as tax advice and must not be relied upon. The tax treatment of investments will, inter alia, depend on an individual’s circumstances. Investors must consult with an appropriate professional tax adviser to ascertain for themselves the taxation consequences of acquiring, holding and/or disposing of any investments mentioned on this website.

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