How To Trade

Exchange Traded Products are listed on the London Stock Exchange and trade like a share through a UK stockbroker or wrap platform. This section will guide you through the trading process.

  Trading hours

Trades can be placed during the London Stock Exchange market hours which are between 08.00 and 16.30.

London Stock Exchange

  Trading process

Follow our seven step guide to the trading process.

Full trading process

  Cost and Fees

Your stockbroker will charge a dealing fee for trading an SG Exchange Traded Product in the same way as when you buy or sell a share

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Trade our Listed Products through any one of the Stockbrokers detailed on this page.

Stockbrokers list

  Tax Treatment

Use our tax treatment grid as a guide to the tax treatment of our Listed Products.

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  Risk Warning

Prior to any investment, you should make your own appraisal of the risks from a financial, legal and tax perspective, without relying exclusively on the information provided by us, both on this website and in the Final Terms for the products...

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