Leverage: Can you really have too much of good thing?
With Christmas looming, the fond memories of my grandmother’s mince pie recipe come flooding back, as do her wise words of advice to an excited five year old boy... you really can have too much of a good thing.
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Silver - a safe haven for lovers of leverage?
Silver is a metal that sits in both the precious and industrial metal camps and is often viewed as the poor cousin to gold, but as it inherently suffers more volatility typically than gold, could be a boon to investors looking to take advantage of leverage.
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Leveraged products take advantage of recent volatility in oil
Leveraged products take advantage of recent volatility in oil. Oil is now facing a number of different geopolitical and supply factors, which is increasing volatility in the markets.
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A wisely-invested SIPP could grow your pension pot more than a normal pension could
Retirement planning is increasingly important for many of us. Sophisticated investors can look to take matters into their own hands...
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Ready for Brexit related opportunities?
The UK Parliament is nearing the end of its discussions over Brexit, with a deal now appearing some way off. This uncertainty leaves the FTSE 100 open to increased volatility, but with that, opportunities.
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European stocks – a bumpy road ahead?
The European stock market has been behind US equities over the past few years and, while US equities are considered overvalued, the outlook for European equities remains challenging....
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Are you investing in Natural Gas ?
Natural gas is increasingly popular. It is considered to be more mature than most renewable energy sources and is more environmentally friendly than the likes of coal or petrol...
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Do you think the Dollar is overvalued?
One should remember that currency valuations are an uncertain territory full of mirages and pitfalls for the unwary traveller, but there are opportunities for sophisticated investors to capitalise on...
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Looking for a Golden touch?
In extreme market conditions where certain investments can become hard to sell, the ease of liquidating a gold holding has additional benefits...
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Time for a change in how you trade leverage?
The CFD market has offered retail investors the ability to gain enormous levels of leverage in their investments. Coupled with the ability to lose more than you invest via margin calls, regulators have finally...
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Are you ready for US earnings season?
US earnings season is underway and with it a spotlight on US equities. Earlier this year – the previous quarterly earnings – strong results prompted US equities to be upgraded by most banks and asset managers...
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Copper - it's elemental
On a bull rally since 2016 the price of copper has been steadily rising and the decline in copper supply combined with recent output issues in India and Chile could push the price of copper up further...
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Are you sophisticated?
Leverage is a common enough term in the UK housing market, but when it comes to leveraged investing in the stock markets, we take more caution about who such products are appropriate for.
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The sentiment switch
Prior to the volatility spikes we saw earlier this year, investors were probably convinced that cheap liquidity supplied to the market after the credit crisis would be available for the foreseeable future.
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Calm on troubled waters
Investors using leverage Exchange-Traded Products to maximise returns on the oil price, are likely proving to be the chief beneficiaries of recent geopolitical events.
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ISA: How to spice up your tax efficient wrapper
You only have to look at the sheer volume of active retail clients in Contracts for Difference product, to see that there are many investors who seek leverage exposure in their investment portfolio.
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