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19 Sep 2016

Asset Allocator 19/09/16

Another slightly odd few days on the global financial markets last week with most indices falling in value. The FTSE 100 benchmark UK index declined by just under 1% to finish the week on Friday 16th September at 6710. It’s now down 2.66% over the last month although on a 12-month basis it’s still up 7.7%. The benchmark US index, the S&P 500 by contrast, increased by over 0.50% during the last five days – over the last 12 months it’s now advanced 7.21%, slightly below the return of its British peer. It’s also notable that using the Sharpe ratio (a measure that relates performance to volatility), the US index has been a much better investment over the last three years – the US sharpe ratio is at 0.57 whereas the UK index has been much more volatile with a sharpe ratio of just 0.02.

12 Sep 2016

Asset Allocator 12/09/16

Stockmarkets have had a fairly tough start to September. In the first full week the FTSE 100 declined by 1.71% while the S&P 500 fell back even more, dropping not far off 2.5%. Curiously Vix, a measure of US equity volatility, also declined by a small amount last week (down 0.14%. Rather more predictably gold prices edged higher (up 0.53%) but oil was the stand out asset class, increasing just under 5% over the week as traders started to bet on an output deal between the Russians and the Saudis.

05 Sep 2016

Asset Allocator 05/09/16

This week we’re focusing a little bit more than normal on the theme of emerging markets. As we’ll discover EM assets have had a strong 2016 so far, and there’s some evidence to suggest that this out performance could continue into the foreseeable future. But before we take a closer look at EM assets though, let’s take a quick snapshot of financial markets over the last week. Perhaps the biggest move, again, was in oil prices with Brent down a whopping 5.7%. Equity markets were more subdued though the FTSE ended the week on a big surge after some halting losses over the previous days. Overall the FTSE 100 advanced 0.88% while the S&P 500 increased by 0.50%. Gold prices drifted a tiny bit lower, moving ever closer to the $1300 level. Vix levels declined again after recent advances, ending at 13.48, down more than 1% over the week. 

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