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05 Dec 2016

Asset Allocator 05/12/16

Equity markets ended the week to Friday 2nd November on a bearish note even though oil prices spiked upwards following the OPEC deal – see the main table below. The FTSE 100 fell back by 1.6% to end the week at 6730 while the S&P 500 ended its recent winning streak with a loss of just under 1% over the week, to finish at 2191. In recent months, a move above $50 a barrel for oil – Brent is currently trading at $54 – would have been a fillup for equities, but not anymore. Investors are obviously still trying to digest any big policy moves post the Trump election win. But investor’s also don’t seem unduly stressed – gold prices fell back again to $1174 an ounce and volatility measures are still very low by historic standards, with the VIX index finishing the week at 14.07.

28 Nov 2016

Asset Allocator 28/11/16

Risky assets had another good week, with many American analysts now calling for a top at 2400 for the S&P 500 blue chio index of US equities – at the end of last week it was trading at 2213, up 1.44% over the five days to Friday 25th November. If this momentum trade does continue, expect some sectors to benefit more than others, with US banking stocks a likely positive trade. 

UK stock markets also moved up this week, with the FTSE 100 advancing 0.96% to end the week at 6840. A target of 7000 for the blue-chip index doesn’t seem unduly realistic in the short term given current levels. Interestingly though the mid cap FTSE 250 index finished the week down 0.32% at 17603. UK mega caps might have been helped along by the oil price which increased 1.62%, with the next OPEC meeting on Wednesday (30th November) closely watched by investors.

22 Nov 2016

Notice to Investors: 5OUL

A notice has been published for the attention of holders of products with the following EPIC Code: 5OUL


The value of the Notes will not move after the 30/11/2016 (this as a consequence of the redemption and delisting of the products. Investors will be paid back on the 07/12/2016 as foreseen in the legal documentation of the Notes, based on this value computed as of 30/11/2016.


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